The purpose of this article is to separate the ideas of Web Hosting and a Content Management System from having a Web Application running on a Domain Name you’ve purchased.

Once you’ve purchased a Domain Name with a Host and there are many, you can purchase a Web Hosting package…

What is the Rails Router? One way to look at it is to say that the Rails Router is the routes.rb file in the config folder of your Ruby on Rails application.

When you type a string into the input field in your browser that takes you to the domain…

I recently had a conversation with someone regarding where I stood in my job search as a Software Developer, where I didn’t have to worry about selling myself, or making myself look good.

After the conversation, I looked back and notice that I said wholeheartedly, “I code for myself, continue…

One way to do it and we do it early on in learning JavaScript or maybe any programming language, is defining a Class.

class Car {


lets say. And then inside the class we have

constructor(name, year){ = name

this.year = year


What do I need to…

I never would have thought that becoming a Developer, diving into different Stacks and their relationships and implementations. …

The React framework focusses on the UI. ReactDOM.render is displaying a list of Nodes on the page in a way that we as developers specify.

An idea in React to get used to is creating / displaying / styling Components that render other Components.

And with this idea we can…

This comes in super handy when you have created a wrapper component that calls props.children and you want to pass a method from the wrapper component universally to whatever child components you’re wrapping.

Pseudo Code:

Map over whatever’s passed in for this.props.children …

  1. Not shy away from implementing a simple To Do List App in React or React Native because it is / feels to simple of a Task.
  2. Not shy away from implementing a Command Line App in Ruby because it is / feels to simple of a Task.
  3. Get an Index…

If someone were to ask me what a Content Management System was, I could confidently describe it. Maybe I could even describe WordPress to a degree, but until recently I never approached WordPress and felt uncomfortable about it.

I use Medium as a blogging platform after all and if I…

  1. Used to store data in key-value pairs.
  2. Is unencrypted, asynchronous and persistent.
  3. Can only store string data. To store object data, it must be serialized first. So use JSON.stringify() when storing and JSON.parse() when loading data.
  4. To import — import AsyncStorage from ‘@react-native-async-storage/async-storage’;
  5. If a key doesn’t exist, setItem() will create it and store the data you choose in it. Or, if the key does exist, setItem() will replace the data in the key with the data you choose.
  6. setItem() takes 2 arguments — the first is the key as a string, and the second is the value (the data you want to store under that key).
  7. getItem() takes a single argument, the key as a string.
  8. It is asynchronous so when setting or getting use within an asynchronous function and call await before the method. Example ……await AsyncStorage.setItem(‘@itemName’, ‘item value’). And getting…await AsyncStorage.getItem(‘@itemName’).

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