WordPress, Blog? CMS? Site Generator? etc…?

If someone were to ask me what a Content Management System was, I could confidently describe it. Maybe I could even describe WordPress to a degree, but until recently I never approached WordPress and felt uncomfortable about it.

I use Medium as a blogging platform after all and if I want to create a Web Application I know how to do so with frontend frameworks like React, React Native, or use a framework such as Ruby on Rails to expose an API. So why would I want to use WordPress?

Another way I felt internally was “oh, WordPress is just for Bloggers” or “WordPress is for people who aren’t Developers.”

And yet, even though I’ve owned a Domain for a while with email hosting, and have really wanted to set up a Portfolio Site for the longest…I haven’t done it. I have Apps, have hosted some on Netlify, have dabbled in various other similar services and ended up cancelling.

Long story short, getting the idea of WordPress as a Blogging platform out of my head, and the widely used ideas of “posts” and “comments” out of my head, I had to redefine for myself that WordPress could be used as a platform to:

  1. manage the content of my Portfolio
  2. have an About page, describing me
  3. have links to, and descriptions of, my Projects

None of which have anything to do with posts or comments.

WordPress sites are also really easy to get started with and are highly customizable with a theme such as Astra, a plugin such as Astra Sites and a plugin such as Elementor which handles a lot of Responsive Design for you.

Full inspiration for this came from a youtube video on how to create a WordPress site for beginners video by Tyler Moore.

So if you’re like me and have been sitting on the idea and not been able to manifest a Portfolio site, google that video by Tyler Moore and hopefully it’ll help you add the creation of WordPress sites to your Developer’s Repetoire, as it did for me. Cheers.

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